Privacy Policy

Policy Statement

It is the policy of 3WON to treat all practitioner credentialing information as confidential and apply best practices to safeguard electronic and hard copy information.


This policy dictates how confidential practitioner credentialing data will be protected.


  1. 3WON manages and protects the information related to practitioner credentialing to assure confidentiality and adherence to all federal, state, regulatory and client contractual obligations by adhering to the procedures detailed below.


  1. 3WON Credentialing Department Staff
    1. All 3WON Credentialing Department staff are educated on, and agree to comply with confidentiality requirements and processes through a signed agreement; said agreement is completed at time of initial employment and renewed annually thereafter.
    2. 3WON Credentialing Department staff are trained on standards applicable to confidentiality.
    3. 3WON Credentialing Department staff are trained on HIPAA policies and procedures within 30 days of hire and said standards are reviewed annually in accordance with 3WON policy.
    4. Practitioner information cannot be accessed until 1(a), (b), and (c) are completed and documented.
  2. Credentialing Information Access
    1. Access to and use of the electronic credentialing information contained in the 3WON system of record is password protected.
      1. Unique user IDs and passwords are established and assigned to 3WON credentialing staff before access to the 3WON system is granted.
      2. Password updates are mandated by 3WON system management in accordance with 3WON policy.
    2. Credentialing-specific information is restricted to 3WON Credentialing Department staff and those 3WON staff that have been designated by management as requiring access to the information to complete their role within the organization.
    3. Credentialing documentation that is received and/or maintained in paper form is stored in a secure area; files are kept in locked cabinets.
  3. Disposal of Confidential Practitioner Information
    1. All discarded paper-based information related to the credentialing process is shredded by a professional confidential document destruction company.
    2. No documents, information from practitioner files or credentialing files is placed in the regular waste/garbage receptacles.